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   A Glance to The Future

We offer you the best Service  with an impressive history

 World class designed halls Brought to Khartoum


since we’re the Global Conference Center; we cant let you down when it comes to conference holding. Our halls are ...

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Corporate Events 

For your business and board meetings, never miss the chance to experience our meeting halls ; we fully understand ...

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Graduations Wether you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor venue for this wonderful event, it will be our...

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Recording the activities is a normal practice at the GCC. But if you require a tailored documentation  we are ...

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The GCC boasts a number of halls of multiple sizes and designs, all with capacities ranging from 25 to 80 ...

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 We are very proud to be one of Sudan's first purpose-built Conference venues. Since started operating in March ...

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Out Door Events 

An abundance of outside green space that can either be hired by itself or as part of an indoor event.

•          Our accessible features include:

•          Ample Parking spaces.

•          Nearby public transport 

•          A lift to Level One.

•          Multiple entrances         

•          Disabled seating space.

By providing an amalgam of outstanding facilities supported by the most innovative and creative approaches to planning and implementation, the GCC 


Mission • Tاhe GCC will consistently provide outstanding high quality activities to significantly raise the standard of hosting and organizing of events in the 

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Setting high expectations and relentlessly striving to systematically and consistently meeting them.Personalization and differentiation: 

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The Global Conference Center

The Global Conference Center is a breathtakingly beautiful building located at an accessible area in the heart of Khartoum {east of Khartoum International Airport and North of the University of Medical Science & Technology}. Surrounded by trees and fore-grounded by green grass, the GCC in envisaged to leave a lasting impression on its visitors. As central Khartoum’s purpose-built conferencing venue, the GCC is the natural choice for hosting conferences and other prestigious corporate events.